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A Memorable Visit to Sairam College of Engineering in Chennai, India.

In mid-April 2024, we had the distinct pleasure of visiting Sairam College of Engineering in Chennai, India. This visit was a delightful and enriching experience, and we are deeply grateful to Dr. Prabhakaran Subramaniyan for organizing the event and extending the invitation.

We were greeted by an audience that were full of enthusiastic students and dedicated academics, all eager to engage with the topic of laser shock peening. It was incredibly inspiring to see such a keen interest in this advanced technology from the next generation of engineers and researchers.

During my talk, I had the opportunity to share my journey from being an academic to an entrepreneur. I discussed the highs and lows of developing innovative technology and how my passion for laser shock peening has driven my career forward. The students were particularly curious about the real-world applications of this technology and how it can revolutionize industries by enhancing the strength and durability of materials.

What struck me most was the level of engagement and curiosity from the audience. They asked thoughtful questions, not just about the technical aspects of laser shock peening, but also about the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. It was heartening to see their eagerness to learn and their excitement about the future of technology.

Once again, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Prabhakaran Subramaniyan and everyone at Sairam College of Engineering for their warm hospitality and for giving me the opportunity to share my experiences. We look forward to working with some of the enthusiastic and keen academics and students in the upcoming future.

Post presentation greetings.

Dr. Pratik Shukla presenting a invited talk on a simplified approach to commercialising laser shock peening system.

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