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Laser shock peening solutions

Bright-Beams Laser Technology offers a compact, integrated low energy laser shock peening, hardening, shock cleaning, and rust removal solution, for enhancing the surface and structural integrity of metals and alloys. Bright-Beams is inspired to enhance the industry uptake of the technology by offering a unique next-generation laser peening system and provide a cost-effective, compact solution that is truly portable on four wheels and is able to operate with low cost per watt, in small space (1m x 1m footprint) adopting zero emission, (green) ideology. Additional features offer flexibility, quick and easy set-up for enhanced user control. The Bright-Beams compact model can be placed on a bench/table-top. The system could be tailored for individual needs depending on applications, part size, budget, space, and available utility for the end-user.   

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1m x 1m footprint, can be placed as a table top

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Low cost & green

Cost efficient

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With four wheels, it is easily portable. 

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Our compact laser shock processing system


The Bright-Beams next-generation compact laser shock processing system was designed and developed by Dr. Pratik Shukla. 


Laser Shock Peening has been around for up to 5 decades, but its full deployment for a wide range of industrial applications is still scarce. One of the primary reasons for this is due to the high implementation cost, including the cost of a high energy laser source; its cooling requirement; cost of suitable beam delivery; motion system; ample space and utility requirements, laser safety enclosures, as well as significant integration and knowhow to put the process/system together. This discourages many potential customers who might otherwise benefit from implementing the technology. A viable industry solution was developed because of these aspects and the authors’ experience implementing high-intensity laser peening in various academic institutions for the past eight years. This development offers a step change by introducing next-generation laser shock peening that is not just cost-effective but flexible, easy to use, and integrated as a turn-key solution. This helps to take laser peening out of the labs and onto the factory floors – helping the industry uptake this technology.


Portable LSP has been reported in the past, but to knowledge, this is the first genuinely compact system developed with a dimensional footprint of 750mm by 750mm2 and can be operated free-standing on four wheels or placed on a table or a bench-top. The system is also green, offering low wall-plug efficiency and cost per watt.


The system can undertake various processes: laser hardening, laser blast cleaning, rust removal and bond inspection.


The system comprises of features including green and infra-red wavelengths that are desirable for laser peening a wide range of materials/parts. Some of the system features are also subject to a recently filed patent (GB2215953.7). The user can manoeuvre the system from one place to another with minimal effort and avoid the requirement of expensive utility and the need to build their enclosures for laser safety, as the system is fully enclosed. The laser peening treatment can also be conducted on both the flat-sheet parts for academic and circular parts with curvature, suitable for industrial purposes, mainly small-scale miniature parts, as built with additive technology and conventional processes. Various confinement mediums can also be made available, with the end-user having the option to develop their confinement methodologies within the system for their process development.

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