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About us

Bright-Beams Laser Technology is start-up company founded by Dr Pratik Shukla. He offers a portable, compact, integrated low energy laser shock peening, hardening, shock cleaning, and rust removal solution, for enhancing the surface and structural integrity of metals and alloy components in the engineering and numerous other industrial sectors.

The founder


​Dr Pratik Shukla founded Bright-Beams Laser Technology and spent over two years to develop the first compact version of the laser shock peening system. He has spent over a decade, undertaking both academic and industrial research to deploy laser shock peening of various metals, and alloys as well as advanced ceramics.


His journey commenced with laser shock peening in 2006, where he was given the opportunity to undertake an MSc by research in comparing the feasibility of shot peening advanced ceramics with laser shock peening. He then continued his journey in laser processing, but with a central interest in laser shock peening in particular.


In 2013, he was awarded a novel ultra-high energy laser system to deploy laser shock peening in a university laboratory. The system was awarded by a UK government funding body to deploy shock peening and Pratik was the first to do so in the UK, and built a laser shock peening lab in two different academic institutions. 

Pratik is also a chartered engineer (CEng, MIMechE), and has over 19 years of experience in laser material processing and related phenomena and materials characterization. He holds keen interest in developing technology that solves industrial problems and has an entrepreneurial mind-set, particularly, for commercialising laser technology from low TRLs, to reach market.


Pratik has published more than 50 peer reviewed international journal papers, 30 conferences and numerous magazine articles, as well as pending patents. He developed the “International Journal of Peening Science and Technology” in 2016, and currently acts as its Editor-in-Chief. He is also on the editorial board of the “International Journal of Lasers Science”, a member of the IMechE, and is a committee member of the British Standards Institution.


Pratik obtained his Ph.D. in laser processing at Loughborough University (2011). At the start of his career; Pratik worked as a manufacturing engineer in aerospace/industrial turbine blade production and has held various academic positions in the UK and abroad, post PhD, and before commencing at Coventry University as a senior lecturer in manufacturing and materials engineering from 2017 to 2021.

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