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Bright-Beams on BetaDen Cohort 5.0: A Commercial Acceleration Programme.

In 2022, Bright-Beams was part of a commercial accelerator programme offered by BetaDen and funded by the Worcestershire LEP and county council. The programme provided business support and some proof-of-concept funding to aid Bright-Beams in reaching the next level of development. The Bright-Beams compact laser peening system was also showcased at a recent event that BetaDen organised, where Bright-Beams was amongst six other start-ups that participated in the programme and showcased their business ventures on the 22nd of November 2022.

Some of the members of BetaDen Showcase Cohort 5.0.

It was a pleasure to showcase the Bright-Beams Compact system on 22nd of November 2022. This was at Mazak Europe headquarters in Worcester, UK. I was also pitching at this event and what a great experience it was for me and Bright-Beams Laser Technology Ltd., to have showcased the system to various different types of interested audiences and respond to some very curious minds.

Bright-Beams Compact system on my right on display.

BetaDen Cohort 5.0 at Mazak Europe Headquarters.

A final slide at the end of my pitch.

I must admit despite having lectured for over a decade in various higher education institutions as an academic, and presenting at conferences over the years to various groups; pitching as an entrepreneur still felt somewhat challenging to prepare for and deliver! Nevertheless, it was fun, and once your up and firing away on the stage, the time absolutely flies...

Some more fruitful technical discussions regarding the system.

Thanks you to BetaDen for all the help and support.

"Real Help for Real Tech"! (BetaDen)

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